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K-Strong is team training aimed towards training like an athlete. Sessions are competitive, fun, energized and proven to deliver optimal fitness results. Regardless if you are an athlete or would just like to train like one, K-Strong allows members to improve their health and fitness levels, while becoming better athletes and functioning individuals.

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Introduction. Team Training is a perfect environment to build community in the gym. We begin each session with an introduction of any new clients and by having folks introduce themselves to each other before we begin. A vital component of any successful team, regardless the sport or industry is teamwork. In K-Strong, we inspire to build team chemistry between all of our members, even though some workouts will require you to compete against others; everyone is striving to achieve similar goals.

Demonstration. The instructor will demonstrate and describe the workout before conducting the dynamic warm-up. The instructor will also show progressions and regressions for each exercise to accommodate different fitness levels and injuries. If you have any injuries or concerns with an exercise, please inform the instructor, and they will be happy to help you!

Warm Up. Each session should begin with a dynamic warm-up. If you have ever been to a professional sporting event and seen the team warming up on the playing surface before the event, you have seen a version of a dynamic warm-up. We train everyone like athletes! A five-minute spin on the bike is not an effective warm-up!

This style of movement preparation is the only way to safely and effectively prepare the body for the exercises they will be performing. The dynamic warm-up primes the body for the type of training that we do. In addition to elevating the core temperature, we are priming the central nervous system for activity, gaining range of motion, and correcting faulty movement patterns that we see most often on the FMS.

Workout. The K-Strong program offers a variety of different class types, multiple times per week. The workouts change weekly, consisting of different circuits and other timed workouts. The members will be exposed to a wide range of different equipment, for example; TRX Suspension Trainers, kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance bands, sleds, rowers and much more.

Cool Down. Every. session ends with a cool down; this consists of a Foam Rolling demo. Foam rolling has been proven to help aid and speed up recovery by removing lactic acid, improving mobility and flexibility and breaking up scar tissue.

Team Breakdown Chant. Each session ends with a break down chant, to ensure that each member leaves the club feeling energized and motivated for their next K-Strong class.


Foundations. Allows the member to build a proper foundations and a base level of conditioning. These classes are a challenging, full body program, which will allow you to avoid injuries and make progress at your own pace.
Conditioning. An introduction to our more advanced classes, focusing on priming the athlete or individual on proper technique and building up the necessary endurance and stamina. This is the perfect class for members who are new to K-Strong and are looking to work on the fundamentals of speed and endurance training.
After Burn. After burn is a class that combines the benefits of resistant weight training and cardiovascular training. This class will most likely introduce the member to some new tools and techniques. Each participant can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour and will continue to burn fat and calories up to 48 hours after the workout is complete.
High Intensity Conditioning. This class is for the more advanced athlete, who is looking to take their conditioning and endurance to their peak levels. Utilizing tools such as resistant bands, sleds, rowers; this class focuses on building speed, strength, agility, explosiveness and power.
Industrial Strength. This class is perfect for people who want to get strong, slimmer and more athletic. This class allows the individual to work with heavier loads and fewer reps which means more strength without bulk. This program combines old school methods and modern science to achieve better strength and conditioning.
Kinetic Combos. Class that focuses on the basic fundamentals of boxing, while experiencing an intense core and full body workout. Learn boxing skills such as throwing jabs, hooks and uppercuts; members will then be able to practice these skills on the heavy bag and with our instructors during focus mitt training.

It’s where strength meets motion.
Two things coming together to create something stronger, more powerful and longer lasting. K-Strong is a premiere team training system that provides proven results. We know that people do better with coaching, encouragement, support and accountability.

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