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Being part of team is a special experience, and our K-Strong program produces one strong team—in so many different ways. This group training program is akin to the workouts of elite-level athletes. Sessions are demanding, high-intensity and fun—replicating the pace and demands of athletic competition. They’ll stoke the competitive fires in the participants, who will push each other to their maximum levels in a supportive and positive way. Optimal fitness results are among the positive gains of K-Strong, but the intangible benefits are immeasurable.

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Introduction. Team training is the ideal setting to turn a group of individuals into a tight-knit unit—and it happens almost instantly in a K-Strong session. Newcomers introduce themselves to the group and the community bond begins to form. Although some of the workouts require head-to-head competition, chemistry, camaraderie and teamwork are palpable as everyone aspires to build strength and endurance—and to support their team members.

Demonstration. The instructor will describe and demonstrate each workout before putting the team through the warm-up. To ensure that every level of fitness and any physical limitations are considered, the instructor will show progressions and regressions on each. If you are battling or just overcoming an injury, now is the time to address that with the instructor. This is small group training, but everyone gets personalized attention.

Warm Up. Our warm-up simulates our training session. The leisurely five-minute spin on a stationary bike isn’t going to cut it here! Welcome to K-Strong, where even the warm-up is on an athlete’s level. Why? Because your body needs to safely prepared for the routines you’ll be performing. By the time the warm-up is complete your core temperature will be elevated, the central nervous system will be firing and your mind will be in the right dimension for this workout. Any faulty movement patters will be corrected as well.

Workout. K-Strong offers a variety of class types, and each is available multiple times per week. The workouts are ever-changing, which keeps your muscles growing and your mind sharp and focused. You’ll see the future of fitness each week, as you’re exposed and introduced to new circuits and other timed workouts and wide range of equipment, including TRX suspension, kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance bands, sleds, and rowers—and so much more.

Cool Down. Every session ends with a foam-rolling cool down, which has multiple purposes. Your instructor will demonstrate this proven technique of aiding and speeding up recovery by breaking up scar tissue, and restoring and enhancing mobility and flexibility.

Team Breakdown Chant. If you’ve never been part of a team, you’ll wonder what took you so long when we gather to wrap-up the session. We’ll huddle to participate in a break-down chant that will leave you energized, accomplished and counting the hours until your next session. You’ve experienced what it feels like to be part of a highly motivated team, and you’re confident a peak level of athletic performance is firmly within your grasp. How badly do you want it? Show us in your next K-Strong session!


Foundations. This is K-Strong 101, the entry level session where participants build a proper foundation and a base level of conditioning. There’s still plenty of challenge and plenty to be gained in this full-body workout, where progressing at your own pace and injury prevention are at the forefront.
Conditioning. This class will prime participants on proper technique while building stamina as we begin to elevate the work out. Also ideal for newcomers, this is the introduction to the fundamentals of speed. agility and endurance training.
After Burn. Resistance weight training and cardiovascular sets join forces to make up to 1,000 calories disappear! The fat and calorie burn will continue for up to another 48 hours after this session ends.
High Intensity Conditioning. The advanced athletes will take their conditioning to peak levels by using resistance bands, rowers, and sleds. Here, you will build just what you need to be a big-game, big-time performer: speed, strength, agility, explosiveness and power.
Industrial Strength. Old-school methods and modern science team up in a session designed to make you slimmer, stronger and more athletic. Here, you’ll work with heavier weights and less reps, which will give you more strength without bulk.
Kinetic Combos. Learn the basic fundamentals of boxing, such as throwing hooks, jabs and uppercuts, and reap the benefits of an intense core and full-body workout. You’ll fire away on the heavy bag and work with your instructor during focus mitt training.

It’s where strength meets motion.
Two things coming together to create something stronger, more powerful and longer lasting. K-Strong is a premiere team training system that provides proven results. We know that people do better with coaching, encouragement, support and accountability.

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